Tibetan bowls are an ultimate source for achieving a state of deep relaxation. After a long, stressful day, the sounds and vibrations from the singing bowls can take you to immensely relaxing state, both mental and physical, which is a great alternative to the modern medicines.

The best thing about the singing bowls is that you don’t need a healer every time you need to relax. You can just play for yourself and just an half an hour long session would be enough to get the desired results. Here’s how you can achieve that:

Lay down on a comfortable surface, preferably a thick mattress on the ground. If you don’t have an access to a mattress, you can use a yoga mattress or any mat which keeps you off the hard ground. Place the bowl on your chest and strike it softly with a mallet. Use a soft mallet, if you are using a big bowl. Lower sounds are good for the start. The bass produced through the big bowls bring instant peace to mind. You will feel the vibrations spreading all across your body, resonating through your chest to every part of the body. These vibrations will massage your body internally and relax your stiff muscles. Your ears will bring those vibrations straight to your brain and hence bring it to the relaxed state. You can keep a cushion under your head, in case the bowl isn’t rested properly on your chest. You can make adjustments accordingly.


What will you learn in 40 hours of Sound Healing Teacher Training Certification Course.

  • Use Sound as one of the most effective tools to relax into a natural meditation process, without straining or using the willpower.
  • Train your mind come back to the state of meditation when it starts to wonder. And to do it instantly.
  • Let go of your expectations relating meditation and start truly enjoying the process.
  • Discover (or remind yourself) that the way to a more meaningful, fulfilling and happy life lay through self-awareness and meditation.
  • Develop the attitude to meditation as to a natural part of life.




Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means a wheel. In spiritual terms, Chakras are the energy wheels located at specific locations turning clockwise and anti-clockwise, depending on the vibrations in our body. There are seven major energy cycles or Chakras inside a human body and they are located along the spine and in the head. There are other smaller, less significant distributed all over the body. So, basically, these chakras inside a human body form a kind of a power station where each chakras draws up life energy from the Universe and then transfers, shapes and distributes this energy to the nerve system which are also called the energy channels. This is the energy that keeps us alive and keeps our body organs and tissues working efficiently.

Through Chakra Balancing sessions with Singing Bowls you can achieve:

  • Balance in the Chakra system
  • Overall health improvement, including alleviation of some chronical conditions, such as:
  • Headaches
  • High blood pressure
  • Insomnia
  • Digestive disorders
  • Joint pain
  • Reduction and management of stress level
  • Hormonal balance
  • Mental clarity
  • Increase of energy level and vitality
  • Release of negative emotions and thinking patterns
  • Realization of the causes of the problems in personal and professional life and a way to resolve them
  • Experience of meditation


You should definitely take the Sound Healing Teacher Training Certification Course if you are:

  • A Yoga and Meditation Teacher.
  • A massage therapist or an Energy Healer.
  • Are looking for the ways to deepen your meditation practice.
  • Are in love with music and believe in its healing powers

 Sound Healing Meditation Teacher Training Certification Course Overview:

Requirements: To receive an International Academy of Sacred Sound Healing Teacher Certificate students are required to attend 100% of lectures and practical classes and to pass theoretical and practical exams to ensure the Course material has been mastered. Prerequisites: Anybody can apply. Application: Accepted all year round. Course duration: 3 days Course objective: To understand the principles of Sound Healing and Meditation, get experience of practicing Sound Meditations and learn to apply the knowledge to conduct Sound Meditations sessions and workshops. Accreditation: International Academy of Sacred Sound Healing Certificate issuer recognized: Internationally. Suitability:  Suitable for people with no meditation experience. Professional Membership: International Academy of Sacred Sound Healing .




Literally the word Mantra is translated from Sanskrit as Mind Instrument (Man – mind, Tra – instrument). It is regarded as a tool to free the mind from the bondage of this world. It is defined variously in English as a prayer, hymn or song of praise, sacred formula, incantation, etc. Mantra can be a sound, a syllable, a word, a group of words or sentences that, creating the resonance in the whole being (body, mind and spirit), have the power to heal the physical body, calm the mind and awaken the spirit.

Mantras originated in the Vedic tradition of India at least 3000 years ago, later becoming an essential part of the Hindu tradition and a customary practice within Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism. Reciting of Mantra can include verbal repetition in the form of chanting in a normal voice (baikhari), whispering (upanshu), or silent mental incantation (manasik).


Is Sound Healing Teacher Training Certification Course for you? If you are in love with music and believe that harmony of sounds can bring the harmony to peoples’ life, Sound Healing Teacher Training Certification Course will give your ideas a scientific ground. During the Course you will understand how the most effectively use Sound to achieve peace, health and happiness. If you are looking for unconventional ways to cure physical diseases and mental disorders, Sound Healing Course will get you equipped with tools to improve health without taking any medication and paying hospital bills. If you are a meditation practitioner, Sound Healing Teacher Training Course will help to get your practice a higher level and enrich it with the techniques you will enjoy. If you are a Yoga and Meditation Teacher or Energy Healer, the Course will enhance your skills. You will learn effective, simple and safe Sound Meditation techniques your students are certainly going to appreciate.

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In the Vedic tradition, Sound vibrations are called Nada. Nada Yoga employs sound not only to restore physical and mental health, the Sound practices are also regarded as a path to spiritual awakening. Nada Yoga distinguishes external sounds (Ahata) and internal sounds (Anahata).


Internal sounds, unlike external, are perceived not through the physical body but through the Anahata Chakra, the Heart Chakra. Nada Yoga teaches that each human body has its own unique vibration, or inner Sound. By regulating the breath and blocking the noise from the outside by closing the ears with the thumbs, the attention can be gently turned inwards, then, if listening carefully, the inner Sound can be perceived. Over time the Sound becomes easier to hear, experienced practitioners can hear the Nada sound even without closing the ears. Aligning your mind with this Sound helps to balance your energetic body and, entering a deep meditative state, connect you with your divine nature.


Samaveda International Academy For Sacred Sound Healing Offers Certified Sound Healing Teacher Training Certification Courses In Goa, Rishikesh India



What is Sound Healing?


Sound Healing is the name referring to different meditation and healing techniques based on the unique properties of sound vibrations. The specific sound frequencies, when produced with knowledge and awareness, become a powerful tool for physical and emotional Healing and spiritual awakening.

For thousands of years, in many cultures the healing properties of Sound have been put into service to communities by medicine men, priests and shamans. In the Hindu tradition it is through Mantra chanting, in aboriginal tribes of America through medicine melodies, in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition through the use of Singing Bowls and overtone chanting. No matter how different the methods are, all these various techniques aim to bring balance to all the levels of being.


International Academy of Sacred Sound Healing invites you to a fascinating world of Sound, vibrations and profound physical, mental and emotional Healing. During 4 days of Teacher Training Course you will meet Masters of Sound Healing who, through Sacred Sound Techniques, will show you the way to spiritual awakening. You will discover your own Divine potential as you learn to use Sound as a tool for entering deep meditative state. You will know from your own experience that Sound Meditations are natural and effortless, and you will enjoy it so much that you will want to make the practice a part of your life after you graduate the Course. Sound Healing Teacher Training Course is artfully structured in a way that during the 40 hours program you will not only learn and practice the Sound Meditation techniques we inherited from different cultures, but also will understand the principles of Sound Healing, which seem magical to the ordinary people. And, of cause, you will be trained in the art of teaching, so that you can guide others to the wonderful place of meditation and well-being.




Many ancient cultures believed in the magical powers of sound for healing. In the West, it was rediscovered in the 1930s when researchers found out about ultrasound and its applications in the field of medicine. With this discovery, sound healing gained immense popularity in the field of new science.

Aboriginal Sound Healing:

The Australian native, the Aboriginals, are believed to be amongst the first ones to understand the importance of sound for healing. They used their native instrument called Didgeridoo as a tool for healing for almost 40,000 years. The aboriginals were able to heal broken bones, tissues and illnesses of many kinds using this instrument.

Sound Healing in Greece:

Pythagoras (circa 500 BC) is considered to be the father of music therapy as he established Pythagoras Mystery School on the island of Crotona where flute and Lyre were used as primary healing instruments. He used a single-stringed instrument to understand and share the mysteries of musical intervals. He believed that the music contributed immensely to health, if used in a proper way. He considered music as medicine which was capable of curing many psychological and mental disorders like anger, aggression, depression, etc.


Satyam Shivam Sundaram With Samaveda – Tibetan Sound Healing Teacher Training Course is artfully structured in a way that during the 40 hours sound training program you will not only learn and practice the Tibetan Sound Meditation techniques we inherited from different cultures, but also will understand the principles of Sound Healing, you will be trained in the art of leading various types of sound healing meditation sessions, so that you can guide others by running your own sound healing meditation sessions as well as run 1 or 2 days group sound healing meditation workshops.

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Many believe that Tibetan singing Bowls were made out of seven sacred metals and were hand hammered while mantras being chanted by the priests so they would absorb nothing but pure energy during the forging process. History shows that they existed in the Himalayan region dating back to 10-12th century.

They are believed to be mystical, infused with magical powers that have the capability of transforming people and things.

Ancient monks used these singing bowls to treat many physical, mental, emotional and spiritual conditions. This has been confirmed by the modern researchers and scientists that sound healing is actually capable of relieving pain and many stress-related afflictions like insomnia, pain, depression, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Many cancer research institutes use sound healing as a part of their healing process where patients are exposed to these sound waves which helps them deal with problems they face while going through intense treatments like Chemotherapy. Chanting and sound from Tibetan Singing Bowls act as natural painkillers and induce healing agents in one’s body.

Satyam Shivam Sundaram With Samaveda – International Academy of Sacred Sound Healing Offers Certified Courses For Tibetan Singing Sound Healing Meditation Teacher Training Certification Course In Goa, Rishikesh, India.


Who Can Join This Tibetan Singing Bowls Therapy – Sound Healing Teacher Training Program

  • you are a yoga meditation teacher, tarot reader, Reiki energy healers, alternative therapist, professional, life coach, social worker or a person who wants to perform better in the field you’re already working?
  • Are you looking for a more passionate, meaningful and engaging life?
  • Are you committed to heal and serve others as a guide?
  • You are interested in spiritual practice and natural alternative healing methods which opposed to western medicine.