Many ancient cultures believed in the magical powers of sound for healing. In the West, it was rediscovered in the 1930s when researchers found out about ultrasound and its applications in the field of medicine. With this discovery, sound healing gained immense popularity in the field of new science.

Aboriginal Sound Healing:

The Australian native, the Aboriginals, are believed to be amongst the first ones to understand the importance of sound for healing. They used their native instrument called Didgeridoo as a tool for healing for almost 40,000 years. The aboriginals were able to heal broken bones, tissues and illnesses of many kinds using this instrument.

Sound Healing in Greece:

Pythagoras (circa 500 BC) is considered to be the father of music therapy as he established Pythagoras Mystery School on the island of Crotona where flute and Lyre were used as primary healing instruments. He used a single-stringed instrument to understand and share the mysteries of musical intervals. He believed that the music contributed immensely to health, if used in a proper way. He considered music as medicine which was capable of curing many psychological and mental disorders like anger, aggression, depression, etc.


Satyam Shivam Sundaram With Samaveda – Tibetan Sound Healing Teacher Training Course is artfully structured in a way that during the 40 hours sound training program you will not only learn and practice the Tibetan Sound Meditation techniques we inherited from different cultures, but also will understand the principles of Sound Healing, you will be trained in the art of leading various types of sound healing meditation sessions, so that you can guide others by running your own sound healing meditation sessions as well as run 1 or 2 days group sound healing meditation workshops.

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